119 Cemetery Street, PO Box 339

Clifford, PA 18413


​​​​Clifford Township

 Clifford Township Personnel


Dennis Knowlton, Chair         570-222-4509       dennis@ksmasonry.com

Barry Searle,  Vice Chair        570-222-4503        ctsbs@yahoo.com

Chris Marcho, Supervisor       570-222-5808        chrismarcho@gmail.com


Joan Hertzog / Secretary-Treasurer    570-222-9364     cliffordtownship@yahoo.com

Business Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.  9:00-1:00 or by appointment.


Attorney Joseph G. McGraw     570-282-1476        joe@attorneymcgraw.com


Kevin Munley     570-222-2125     570-906-7474 (cell)    

Road Master 

Kurt Booths     503-785-3966      captain@echoes.net

Building Permit Official  

Joan Hertzog     570-222-9364       cliffordtownship@yahoo.com

Building Inspector  

BIU    570-344-9681      wshigo@biuinc.com       Applications at www.biupa.com

NEIC 570-280-211         Applications at www.neic.us

Sewage Enforcement Officers  

Jay Lynch   570-313-5486      jaylynch.seo@gmail.com

Justin Ford  570-862-8520  jf85seo@gmail.com

JHA Company  570-278-3100  www.jhacompanies.com

Tax Collector  
Janice Price  570-222-4210      pricetc@nep.net

Office Hours 2019:

August 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30   Noon to 500 pm

August 24 and 31       9:00 am to Noon


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Permits, Complaints or Concerns     570-222-9364   cliffordtownship@yahoo.com

Clifford Township Planning Commission

Chair:                    Sally Fischbeck            salnbuzz@nep.net
Vice Chair:            Sally Roberts               sroberts@nep.net
Secretary:              Robert Schreiber          robert.a.schreiber@echoes.net
Supervisor:            Chris Marcho               chrismarcho@gmail.com
Other Members:    
Robert Clementoni      bobclem@nep.net

                                Joe Laguzzi                sgtlaguzzi@gmail.com

                               Dick Vauter                 prvpano@gmail.com


Clifford Township Parks & Recreation Board

Chair:                    Bob Lopatofsky      lpbob@nep.net

Vice-Chair:           Tom Roberts            mngah@nep.net
Secretary:              Jennifer Long          fstl90@yahoo.com
Other Members:   Andrea Janick          andi661@gmail.com

                             Corey Gesford         cgesford@21hoops.net

                             Darrin Larkin           larkindarrin@gmail.com
                             Patti Walker             ptwttier59@gmail.com