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Clifford Township Subdivision / Land Development Process


The rules for subdivisions in Clifford Township can be found in our Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance SALDO.  A  list of requirements are on the subdivision checklist  or land development checklist.  Additional forms for downloading are at the bottom of this web page.  If you have any questions during this process, please contact the township secretary.  You may wish to attend a Clifford Township Planning Commission meeting (6 PM, the second Tuesday of each month at the Township Building) to ask for advice before finalizing the official subdivision maps.  


The next step is a formal presentation at a Clifford Township Planning Commission meeting. Please contact the Clifford Township secretary (570-222-9364 or CliffordTownship@yahoo.com) to get your name/project on the agenda for the next Planning Commission meeting.   After old business, new cases will be heard.  The commission will review the request and give feedback on potential issues that may need to be addressed before the plan can be accepted.  If all appears to be in order, the application and all supporting documentation will be accepted and held for further review.  All material, with payments, will then be forwarded by the township secretary to the Susquehanna County Planning Commission. These forms must be submitted with a $25 check made payable to the "Susquehanna County Planning Department". 


The county planning commission will review the subdivision/land development request to ensure it complies with all requirements of our SALDO. They provide written comments for consideration by the township planning commission.  The Clifford Township Planning Commission will then hold a vote to  recommend either approval or denial of the request to the township supervisors.  The Chair of the Township Planning Commission will make this recommendation to the supervisors at their next meeting, usually at 7 PM that same night.   Be aware that this process often takes 90 days or more to complete.



Clifford Township Comprehensive Plan
Clifford Comprehensive Plan

 SALDO- Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Information on Susquehanna County Clean and Green Program

Changing Clean and Green Status

Subdivision and Land Development Forms

 Subdivision Checklist                                                        Subdivision Instructions
 Major Subdivision Application                            Minor Subdivision Application

Lot Line Adjustments Application                                               Sewer Module 

Driveway Permit (State Road)                      Driveway Permit (Township Road)

Land Development Checklist                           Land Development Application

                                                                                      Non-Building Sewage Waiver

Questions: General information concerning subdivisions can be addressed at any time

by calling 570-222-9364 or by e-mail:   cliffordtownship@yahoo.com