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​​​Clifford Township

Clifford Township Permits

Clifford Township requires permits.  To better assist you in determining the proper forms and procedures required, the first step is to complete the Clifford Township Preliminary Information and return it to the township secretary.  There is no fee and you will receive timely feedback.

The list of permits includes demolition, deck, porch, driveway, addition, building, swimming pools, driveway, sewage, building/electrical, mechanical/plumbing, subdivisions, land use and land development.

By Pennsylvania state law, building permit applicants must fill out a Worker’s Compensation Insurance-Coverage Information Form  showing insurance coverage or exemption from such coverage.


When building on a township road, one can apply for a Driveway Permit from the Township by downloading the Township Driveway Permit, filling it out and either dropping it off at the township office, or mailing it to Clifford Township, Box 339, Clifford, PA 18413 along with payment of $50.00 for Residential or $80.00 for Commercial. The Road Master will issue the permit after inspecting the property and the requested location of driveway.  If you are building on a state road use the State Driveway Permit.


To obtain a  Sewer Permit contact one of the following Sewer Permit Officers: 

Jay Lynch at jaylynch.seo@gmail.com, 570-313-5486

Justin Ford ​at jf85seo@gmail.com,570-862-8520 or

JHA Company at 570-278-3100, www.jhacompanies.com 

For information about low interest septic loans click Pennvest Homeowner Septic Program

Sewage  Facilities Planning Module:  Checklist, Instructions and Application Form


To apply for a Building Permit to build a house or large building, one must have proof of a driveway permit, sewer permit and two copies of the blueprint of the structure to be built (three copies for a commercial building). The township secretary, Joan Hertzog, is the Building Permit Official for Clifford Township.  Most weekdays, she is in the office at the Community Center, 119 Cemetery Street.

There are two options for Building Inspectors (see below).  Each company has different forms which can be downloaded from their respective websites, filled out and dropped off at the township office. 


Building Inspector Options

BIU        570-344-9681      Bill Shigo   wshigo@biuinc.com       Applications at   www.biupa.com

NEIC      570-280-211        Applications at   www.neic.us


When the inspector reviews all the paperwork, he will either make corrections, or issue a permit and determine the required fees. Fees are calculated based on the size of building.   Fee Schedule

If you are building a building less then 1,000 square feet and it is accessory to a single family home or an agricultural building,  fill out a Land Use Permit and drop it off at the Township building with a copy of the blue prints.  No permit is needed for a non-permanent/movable/prefabricated structure.

Click here for information aboutAgricultural Buildings Forms and Procedures.


To apply for a building permit for Demolition you will need to download and fill out an application for Building/Electrical.  Under "Type of Work", mark "Demolition".   Either mail the application or drop-off at the township office. The fee is $124.00. The inspector must inspect the site before the demolition begins, to make sure both the power and sewer are disconnected from the building. Click for Demolition Construction Guidelines/Permit Checklist.

        Any questions?   Call Joan Hertzog at 570-222-9364 or e-mail cliffordtownship@yahoo.com.

 REMEMBER to call 811 Before You Dig!     Click here for more information.