119 Cemetery Street, PO Box 339

Clifford, PA 18413

Office May Be Closed, Please Call

570-222-9364​ for Appointment

24 HR DROP OFF Box located on front

porch of Community Center Building​

​​​​Clifford Township

Click link to

 The Susquehanna County Recycling Center

133 Ellsworth Drive

Montrose, PA 18801

(570) 278-3589  

In an attempt to save the Clifford Township ​Recycling Program the board has passed a Littering Ordinance 

​                           (ORDINANCE No. 1-21)

Other efforts to assist in stopping the misuse and abuse of the Recycling program include surveillance cameras, license plate ID readers, and ID spot checks to stop Non-residents from using the bins, residents from dumping non-recyclables in the bins, and stopping or catching residents from dumping garbage and or recyclables (Littering) in front of or around the bins when already filled.  

*The Clifford Township Recycling Program is for Clifford Township residents only*
                                                   *Cardboard/ Boxes must be crushed*
*If bins are filled please come back another day, leaving recyclables on the ground in front of or around the bins is littering and may result in a fine*

Looking to get rid of  household trash and other items?

You can go to The Susquehanna County Transfer Station 

at 294 Ellsworth Drive

Montrose, PA 18801

​(570) 432-0109          www.susquehannatransfer.com​​