Building                      Require Building Permit (Construction, Destruction, Enlargement, etc.)  1989

  Building                      Establishment of Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code  2004  

  Building                     Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Amendment 

  Building                      Setback Ordinance 2014 ​   

                                              Setback Variance Application   Setback Variance Procedure
Land Use Permit  2015

  Building                      Schedule of Fees 2015
  Building/Floodplain     Building Permit in a Floodplain  1987

  Building/Floodplain     Restricted Development in Floodplain 2013

  Burning                       Restricting Outdoor Fires 1991

  Burning                       Burning Trash by Landowner   2007          

  Burning                       Prohibit Burning of Recyclables  2007           
  Emergency 911           Emergency 911 Addressing  - 2005        

  Events                         Outdoor Events Charging Admission: Fees and Permits 1977 

                                              Outdoor Event Permit Application

  Fees                            Schedule of Fees 2015

  Fire                             Township Retention of Insurance Payment of Burned Structures    2002          
  Gas                             Gas & Oil Drilling    2010                    
  Junk                            Licenses to Establish Junk Yards, Dumps, Land Fills, Incinerators 2007 

 Littering                       Littering Ordinance
  Junk / Nuisance          Nuisance (Junk or Unattended Property)  2002      
  Noise                          Industrial Noise    2010           
  Police                          Cooperative Police Service Protection with Greenfield Township 1988    

  Police                          Intermunicipal Cooperation Agreement for Police Protection Service 2020

  Roads                         Restricted Parking on Township Roads for Snow Emergencies  2004  

  Roads                         Engine Brake Retarder Prohibition Ordinance 2015

  Roads                         Opening or Cutting a Public Road 2017

  Septic                          Holding Tank
Industrial Holding Tank  2011
  Signs                           Sign Ordinance 2011  
  Solicitation/Peddling    Solicitation and Peddling: Rules and Permits  1991  Application for Permit

  Tax                              Appointing Collector of Delinquent Taxes   2002

  Tax                              Earned Income Tax  2011

  Undesirable Business   Prohibiting Undesirable Businesses    1991  

  Wind Energy                Wind Turbine Ordinance 2020

Right to Know
 To request a copy of any ordinance, minutes or any other records, please use the right-to-know application and/or the Contact Us page. Right to know request form can be found at link below:

Below is an abbreviated list of Clifford Township Ordinances. 

All ordinances can be found at the Clifford Township Office.

Clifford Township Comprehensive Plan 2014
Clifford Comprehensive Plan

 SALDO- Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance 2014

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