Burning                       Prohibiting Burning Trash in Clifford Township  03-1980    1980          

  Burning                       Restricting Outdoor Fires Ordinance 5-91
  Burning                       Prohibit Burning of Recyclables 01-2007    2007      

  Fire Company              Establishing Recognition of Clifford Volunteer Fire Company    1959         
  Fire Company              Retention of Insurance Payment of Burned Structures 02-2002    2002           
  Fire Company              Insurance Company Law 1994 - Retain Fees for Fire Damage Demolition
  Fire Company              Emergency 911 Addressing Ordinance 2005
  Gas                               Gas & Oil Drilling    2010               
  Land Development       Flood Plain 3-2013  (100 year Flood Plain - restricted development)      

  Land Development       Schedule of Fees 2015

  Land Development       Setback Ordinance 2014 ​

  License/Permits            Opening or Cutting a Public Road 2017
  License/Permits            Land Use Permit Ordinance 2015

  License/Permits            Building Permit in a Flood Plan Area    1987       
  License/Permits            Requiring Building Permit for Any Building & Structure  1989
  License/Permits            Ordinance Prohibiting of Undesirable Businesses    1991       
  License/Permits            Regulating and Licensing Outdoor Amusement Parks/Rides 10-1977     
  License/Permits            Licenses Required to Establish Junk Yards, Dumps, Land Fills, Incinerators 2007
  License/Permits            Establishment of Building, Demolishing, and Moving Mobile Homes 1989 
  License/Permits            Require Building Permits 1989 (Construction, Destruction, Enlargement, etc.   
  License/Permits            Prohibiting Peddling or Solicitation 10-1991    1991           
  License/Permits            Preventing development of Junk Yard Dumps Debris Nuisance 03-2002      
  License/Permits            Establishment of Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code  June 2004   
  Noise                           Industrial Noise    2010           
  Police                          Cooperative Police Service Protection with Greenfield Township 1-75 rev. 2-76   
  Police                          Cooperative Police Service Protection with Forest City 9-1978    1978         
  Police                          Adopting a Municipal Drug Task Force Agreement    1990       
  Recycling                     Promote Recycling in Clifford Township  2006                           
  Roads                           No Parking in the R-O-W of township roads for snow plowing 01-2004   2004     
  Roads                           Susquehanna County Road Naming and Addressing Policy  07-2005    2005   

  Septic                           Holding Tank Ordinance
  Industrial Holding Tank Ordinance   3/29/11
  Signs                            Sign Ordinance 2011  
  Supervisors                   Limiting Compensation of Supervisors     1989       
  Tax                              Tax on Use or Occupancy of House Trailers for Living Quarters 1-58    1958      
For Establishing Transfer Tax   2-1959    1959  
    Establishment of Earned Income Tax    1989     County EIN 2012 
  Tax                              Earned Income Tax Ordinance  03- 89  January 1, 1989 (1%)    1989           
  Tax                              Ordinance Appointing Collector of Delinquent Taxes 5-2002    2002

  Tax                              Earned Income Tax Ordinance 6 2011

  Schedule of Fees           Schedule of Fees

Right to Know
 To request a copy of any ordinance, minutes or any other records, please use the right-to-know application and/or the Contact Us page. Right to know request form can be found at link below:
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​​Clifford Township Comprehensive Plan 2014
Clifford Comprehensive Plan

 SALDO- Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance 2014

Other Clifford Township Ordinances:

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