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Clifford Township in the News

Mountain View School District SAT Score

Clifford Park Article: A Community Gathering Place 

Scholarship Information forMilitary Personnel

Supervisor Searle talks with Senator Friz​​

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Clifford Township receiving recognition award at the 14th Annual Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Dinner February 2019


PA VFW Honors

Janice Price as 

Teacher of the Year 

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Clifford Township Receives Award in Excellence

Vice Chairman, Barry Searle, Historical Societies Sandy Wilmot, Chairman, Dennis Knowlton, Supervisor, Chris Marcho and Building Superintendent, Larry Wilson received the Countryside Conservancy 2018 Stewardship Award recognizing their effort and commitment  to the Community Center, Park and Historical Sites.  



Pennsylvania Township News

Connecting the Past to the Present

     Townships benefit from linking historical preservation with recreation and conservation initiatives. 
Click Here to read article on Clifford Township History found in the PA Township News, November 2015 Issue.

...   Clifford Township History   ...

Sally Fichbeck, Barry Searle, Dennis Knowlton, Chris Marcho, unknown, Bob Lopatopski, Sandy Wilmot



Honors Philip Price

Local Safety Professional                      

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Clifford Township Logo

                 Learn about the history of the Clifford Township's logo.      Logo HIstory


 A Brief History of Clifford Township

Clifford Township celebrated its bicentennial in 2006.  Who were the first permanent settlers in our township and when did they arrive?   When were roads first built and where?   What were some of the first businesses in our area?  What types of businesses existed in Clifford Township in 1900? in 2012? 

These are just some of the questions you can find answers to in the following pdf file.          
 Brief History of Clifford Township

For extensive local history information, visit the website for Clifford Township Historical Society, Inc.  



History of Clifford, PA    by Mrs. Merle M. Robinson

In October of 1958, long-time Clifford resident Mrs. Merle (Bertha) M. Robinson published

a 28 page, 4.5 by 5 inch booklet with leather cover entitled History of Clifford, PA. She wrote

mainly about the village of Clifford, her home.   Mrs. Robinson begins the booklet with "Not

being experienced as a writer I have made a feeble attempt to write, for future posterity, a past

and present history of Clifford."   The booklet is dedicated as follows "To my husband Merle M.

and dear friends and neighbors whose friendships and kindness have contributed so much to

making life worth living, I dedicate this little story of our Community."

To read the booklet and learn more on Clifford's history click here:  History of Clifford, PA

Historical photos and maps have been inserted into Mrs. Robinson's narrative. 

Clifford Picnic

The Clifford Picnic is a fair usually celebrated during the last full week in July. The picnic is a local institution and a fund raising event for the Clifford Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The first picnic was held August 1949. To eliminate the need to erect stands and tents each year, the

Fire Company purchased 21 acres of land including a small pond, and built permanent structures. This location is known locally as "the Picnic grounds" or "the Clifford Carnival grounds" or "the Clifford Picnic grounds", or simply "the fire house" since they built a new station on the grounds in the year 2000.

To learn more about the Clifford Township Volunteer Fire Company, click here: Clifford Fire Co.